XL2000u Replacement Lamp for Sony TV

XL2000u replacement rear projection TV lamp for Sony TVs. Click here to get the best price on XL2000u lamp now!
XL2000u replacement lampAlso known as: XL2000U, A-1601-753-A, A1601753A


This part is compatible with the following 4 models:

Sony KF-50SX100H; Sony KF50SX100U; Sony KF50XBR800; Sony KF60XBR800

How to Replace XL2000u lamp:  Click here to get the best price on XL2000u lamp now!

  1. Remove the four screws located on each corner of the front of the lamp.
  2. Gently pull apart the front from the back of the casing leaving the casing split into two.
  3. Take the lamp base and remove the cables attached to the bulb with your screwdriver and pliers.
  4. Release the metal wire holding the bulb  in place to completely remove the bulb.
  5. Remove the old lamp and dispose of properly.
  6. Remove you new XL2000u bulb from it’s packaging.  Note:  Don’t touch bulb with your bare hands.
  7. Place the new bulb within casing the same way as the old bulb was in place.
  8. Secure new XL2000u bulb with the wire, and attached both plastic covered cables inserting the screw and nut.
  9. Form one piece with the front and back of the casing like it was before you took it apart.
  10. Screw back in all four screws on the front to secure the entire casing in its place, make sure it doesn’t move.
  11. After installing the replacement bulb, wipe with a clean cloth to avoid any dirt or oil. Our hands are naturally oil, and this could reduce the life span of the new XL2000u lamp.
  12. Try out your TV!

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Claudio Luiz dos santos December 9, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Quiero comprar lamp Sony xl2000u.


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